See Me In January

See me in January

When the world is cold

And we’re wrapped up in coats

With nowhere to go

My eyes linger

On your finger

Leading singers

On the ringer

How beautiful is this spell

A place in time

Archived to find

Moments words can’t define

As we fall back in time

You reach behind

And clearly recount

All the things you denounced


I Know Things

I know things

Like why the wind blows

All the way to the left

Till my back is all bent 

I know things

Like where the crow goes

When the storm is all pent

Up and ready to blow

I know things 

Like how to let go

All the melting inside

Like the lava alive

I let go

All the things that I know

So a garden can grow

Where you know you can flow

A Terrible Thing to Waste

I’m sorry I’m not brilliant in the way that you’d like

Covering me in slime when I don’t live up to your prime

The ways that I work are a wonder so sublime 

For my order defies how you think I should climb

Because when they said a beautiful mind is a terrible thing to waste

I didn’t know it was because your hand was on my waist

Pulling at the belt and unraveling me in haste 

It was almost a disgrace how you kept me in place

I know why they’re called brave souls.

I know why they’re called brave souls.

Because you’ll have to be brave
To seek beyond your mind
What’s hidden inside
As you synthesize all that’s not a lie

And with an open heart
Dare to wander
Past all the borders
Of the frontiers that were captured
And brought down to size

Because we couldn’t fit into it
We then realized
We are not our minds
But a thing of the Divine

Releasing what’s inside
We all came to find
To be brave is to begin
And not to fear what’s alive

@theheartofzucchini poetry by Aisha Isabelle